The JB Taylor Trial March 2005 By Kevin rivers

A new site and a sunny start to the day, I did however leave the paddock with my waterproofs on as we were starting on hill nine and Bill Watson took great delight in telling me hill nine was in a bog. A little exaggeration by Bill, I think the term is "wind up". The waterproofs were not needed and were soon abandoned.

Hill One. First climb to the eight then turn sharply to a cross camber then a long turn up the final climb levelling out at the top of hill finish. Most of the field got either a 4 or a 7 on the first round, only Ian Wright and Duncan Stephens doing better with a three. The second round was again largely 4s and 7s with a few on 1s. The third round showed a wide range of scores with a handful of clears. This was my bogey hill for the day scoring a 7 on every round.

Hill Two. An uphill slalom getting tighter toward the top. A lot of clears here in the first round, a few less in the second after it had been tightened. A wide range of scores for the rather tight new hill two for the last round.

Hill Three. Likened to a snail shell. The first round saw most of the field on a 3, Ian Wright with the only clear. Round two a few more clears with most others on low scores. Round three saw a mixed bag of scores after the hill was tightened at lunchtime.

Hill Four. A gentle circular climb to a tight cross camber turn down to a tight uphill turn over a ridge If you got this far then a gentle run on to the finish was easy. For the first round the dual driving superstar team of Wright and Ridley were the only two to go clean, but on the second round half the field were clean, the changes made for the third round gave a wide range of scores.

Hill Five. A series of ups and downs on a short bank. Most getting to the turn at the bottom of the final climb for rounds one and two. But a change for the final round caught the unwary on some fresh grass on the initial climb .

Hill Six. A long straight uphill climb to a gentle meander at the top finishing at the tree line. Scores were low for most on this hill throughout the day despite a very tight turn used in round three.

Hill Seven A straight initial climb dropping back down to a turn and a little climb over a hump then on up to a steeper climb then levelling out until a hump prior to the finish at the tree line. This was one of my favourite hills for the day. Scores varied from 2 to 10 on the first round, however most made it to a 4 on the second, the lunchtime changes saw a wide range of scores for round three.

Hill Eight. A straight initial climb with a bumpy section just before the top then dropping back down and around some bushes with a final twisty climb up to the tree line. A wide range of scores for round one but much lower scores for most on rounds two and three. A favourite hill of mine until a moment on round three when a little over exuberance on a grippy final climb produced a big wheelie when the front wheels hit a hump, this dislodged Ian who I thought was going to exit out of the rear of the car so I stopped for a three.

Hill Nine. Up and down a short bank several times a blast through a bog then up a small step to the last gate. This was my favourite hill of the day, the only real chance to give it some serious welly. The hill was moved after lunch to another field, this comprised of three short climbs using the same central down section. This hill stopped most for a one or two. Well done to Ian Wright overall winner and class winners John Ridley and Chris Alexander.