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Here are some manufactures of trials cars available today. Please look at the links page to get thier web sites

This is the Fabulous Crossle 80T sporting trials car. Made from state of the art materials it represents the best of trials cars today. taking many of it's design features from years of experience in manufacturing racing cars. Crossle have bought to bear a unique design in it's independent rear suspension system that enables the rear wheels to stay in contact with the ground. thereby enabling greater traction. Most Crossle trial cars are powered by Honda engines. The gearbox and final drive is a specialy built Hewland package that is reconed to bombproof. Click on pic for Movie
Sherpa, Trials cars a built by Ian Wright at his factory in Kent. Ian provides a full back up service to all Sherpa users. Sherpa's have been around for some time now which is a testament to thier effectiveness on the sections. Using Honda engines and Suzuki running gear, the Sherpa provides reliability and value for money in one package. The latest fleet of Sherpa's are a little wider than cars previosly made and represent 20 years of knowledge and know how.