President’s Trophy - 15 October
BTRDA by Dave Oliver

Southsea Motor Club had laid out nine hills in the woods near Hinton Daunby. This was their first year in the BTRDA championship and deserved a better entry than the 18 they got. If you are unfamiliar with the site hills in woods can be hard to locate, but not here -they were very well arrowed and a route map provided for those that could navigate. Hill one, on its own by the road was a series of short up and downs marshalled by Jonathan and Frances Gibbs. It soon caught the unwary for a 10, but got easier as the round went on, tightened for round 2 , then turned around and tightened into a real pole dodger for round 3 only allowing four
clears. Jonathan and Frances have obviously attended the John Yates school on how to set and marshall a hill.

Hill two, started on the track, went up into the wood, down onto the track, back up into the wood and
down onto the track again, then up into the wood on a camber. The step between the track and wood
caught a few, most went clear on round 2 , extended around a tree with exposed roots for round 3 yielded between 2 and clears. Hill three, quite slippy for round 1 and would not yield better than a 7 for most. Roger Anderson, Jon Moores and Steve Barnes got past for clears. It was opened up a bit for round 2 but still tricky around the 7. Redesigned for round 3 it had a tricky uphill left turn between 4 and 3, somehow it managed to catch Monty Peters for 10 spoiling his otherwise clear card on round 3. Hill four, got a lot easier as tracks were made, for those that passed the 9 and 8 a clear was on, as it was tightened for rounds 2 and 3 it turned into a bit of a pole dodger near the top.

Hill five, Started with a ride around the grass field then a short blast up into the wood and got easier as cars passed. Hill six, This had a tight turn between 9 and 8 the car had to be bumped off the tree to make it, most did, then a short steep run producing 2`s to clears. Hill seven, Needed a navigator here. The 12, 11 and 10 were sited around a small dip then 200 yards across the wood to find the 9, tight through some trees by 8 and 7, down and back up for the 6, (where I managed to drive out) and a short steep bit to the top. The trees caught some around the 8 on round 1, but by round 3 ones and clears were the norm. Hill eight, Fairly straight forward, starting in the wood with some short steep climbs around the trees
and then went out onto the track and back in for a short steep climb over some ground ivy, nobody getting better than a 4 on round 1, John Fack did make a 2 on round 2 and Steve Courts took an uncharacteristic 9, not till round 3 did it succumb for a clear. Hill nine, The bomb hole, this was to be our bogey hill, the ground ivy between 12 and 11 catching us out on round 1 and 2, not until round 3 did we see the rest of the hill which had a leisurely drive in the sunshine around the field to the 8 and a corkscrew finish. Ian Wright being the only clear on round 1. The only other 12 on round 2 was Steve Courts having a bit of a senior moment, he was looking
forward so much to the leisure drive in the sun around the field he drove straight past the 12. Round 3 most went clear. Well done to John Fack with Duncan Stephens bouncing, winning on a score of 20. Jon Moores
would certainly been thereabouts but for a sticking throttle costing him two 12s on round 2. On the whole a well organised event that deserves better support.

1, John Fack Crosslé R1 20
2, Ian Wright Kincraft R2 31
3, Stephen Barnes Sherpa B1 32
4, John Ridley Sherpa B2 37
5, Ian Rodman Apex B3 38
6, Monty Peters Sherpa B4 39
7, Jon Moores Kincraft B5 41
8, Roland Uglow Crosslé B6 43
9, Steve Courts Facksimile R3 52
10, Mike Readings CAP R4 53
11, Paul Faulkner Sherpa B7 61
12, Dave Oliver Facksimile B8 86
13, Roger Anderson CAP R5 89
14, Richard Robarts RB6 B9 93
15, Richard Woollett Sherpa G1 101
16, Bill Hicks Concord G2 119
17, Craig Bazley G3 149
18, Sam Archer G4 165