The Macheralave Trial 2006 (STCC)

A new site, easy parking and the potential to extend plus a keen land owner what more could a Trialist want. The site consists of a steep grassy bank with the usual growth of gorse bushes. A good site and perfect weather greeted drivers at Lisburn. The ground was wet and the grass flattened out to become very slippery.

Hill 1 A cross camber climb with a left turn at the end. Hill 2 A steep climb out of a wet and eventually muddy start. Hill 3 A straight climb. Hill 4 The most difficult with a very tricky climb after the 7 marker. Hill 5 No clears on this one, getting past the 4 was only achieved by the chosen few.

Round 1 saw Brian Edgar, Mark Vaughan and Mervyn Mc Kinney on 7 with John McKinney on a splendid 6 John Keatley however was on 3.

Round 2 and Tom McKinney had his act in overdrive on 4, however an 11 on Hill 4 during Round 1 was not to his advantage. Mark settled in with a 6 and a super zero on hill 4 as had Tom. Brian Edgar was on top form and at the end of round 2 was on 16.

Round 3 saw Mark on 3 for the lap with a total of 16, however Brian was close as was John Keatley. Mervyn McKinney was there with the leaders on 23. In class B Simon Gracey after a poor round 1 had recovered his composure with a sound 9 for a total of 54 against David Webster's 53.

Round 4 John Keatley blew his engine on Hill 4 so that was that. Mark Vaughan on 3 for the lap took the lead on a total of 19; Brian Edgar was on 11 for a total of 31 against Mervyn McKinney on 32. In class B Simon Gracey on 71 had moved ahead of David Webster on 76.

Round 5 Brian held his considerable nerve with 2 zeros for a total of 11 for the lap and 42 for the event. Mark lost his passenger over the side on hill 4 and was not his normal cool self on hill 5 collecting an 8 for a total of 43. Mervyn McKinney had racked up a total of 44 and was close to the action all day, a 5 on hill 4 against Brian's 2 costing him the trial.

So Brian slipped in on 42 followed by Mark on 43 and close as ever Mervyn on 44. In class B David Webster was on 100 followed carefully by Chris Stanley on 103 and Geoff on 105 Simon Gracey slipped in the win on 92. The Hughes brothers showed great consistency being neck and neck on rounds 1, 2 and 3, a 10 on Hill 1 on the last lap giving Mark the lead.