Roy Fedden Trophy - 12 November
BTRDA and MSA by Peter Fensom

Dyrham Woods was again the venue for Bristol Motor club’s annual Sporting trial, Tony Streeting had taken a close look at how he could improve upon last year and ignored the sections on the main avenue through the woods. He chose this time to keep the main part of the event on the higher ground on the left of the site, this decision in conjunction with a new access route across the field and into the wood at the highest part of the site created a trial that could rival any wooded trial we have held this year. Twenty Five competitors entered the trial all intent on improving their position in the BTRDA Championship plus a select few who were
determined to outdo each other for the MSA Championship which is so close at the moment between Ian Wright and John Fack. Dyrham Woods can be a difficult site if you start a hill with a thick cover of late autumn leaves and brushwood all over the place but the 1st round in unseasonable mild conditions held no fears for Johnand Ian who made it through with a clear and one point respectively Julian put his silly hat on and
dropped a 9 and a 12 I will leave him to bore you with the details. Star of the round and a definite champion of the future were Ian Rodman and Jim Harris in Ron Blands old car who dropped 7 points on hill 3, best
of the rest were Stephen Barnes on 10, Roland Uglow and Peter Fensom both on 11. Gordon Jackson and his son Drew in their Ibex unfortunately took an early bath with gearbox problems. David and Tina Zank made a good start to the day but their fiddle brake gave up the ghost after just three hills. Round Two saw the hills being slightly tweaked and tyre pressures being checked to ensure compliance with the three pound rule for the day. New sections had been created over deep leaves giving some drivers a wake up call with some big
numbers being dropped, John lost 8 and the lead to Ian who lost 5 Stephen Barnes had a great round and found himself in third, Roland Uglow in his new Crossle was trying to balance out giving it some welly or preserving his expensive bit of kit however he found the right formula which gave him fourth place Jon Mores found himself in a difficult position as usually by mid round two he could be found loading his car on the van with yet another breakdown, could his stamina hold out until lunch or would he need a lie down between hills, Jon is made of sterner stuff coming in fifth dropping only 6 points. As a build up to the final scores I have to report that Julian lost another 12 points which left him 14th at lunchtime No more breakdowns and the rain holding off allowed the field to take a well earned lunch break. Bristol Motor Club had arranged an excellent
catering van, along with two portaloos which are not mandatory but do make the event so much more pleasant. Round Three saw Ian throw it away when he dropped 13 points John dropped a fantastic 4 points
to take back the lead, Stephen Barnes gave a faultless display of driving ability to keep his third position, however he only just beat Ian Rodman who had been snapping at his heels all day to come in fourth, Ian who is a relative newcomer has been improving steadily over the last year and with the help of his passenger Jim Hannis has travelled all over the country experiencing as many different events as he can to build up ability in all terrains. This experience is now paying off as we see his results on the championship scoreboard and the
national trials. Mike Readings has also been coming back into form and achieved a good result along with George Watson who was again pleased to thrash Peter Fensom who dropped more points than the days in a
year but not as many as Julian who managed another 15 points after lunch which gave him a total of 997 points and a position of 80th just in front of the tractor ploughing in the adjacent field. We should make the most of this ridicule as the great man is changing to gas for the next event, watch this space - he will be back.
At the end of the day John Fack won the Roy Fedden, Ian Wright was second and Stephen Barnes was third. It was a good event on difficult terrain which the Bristol Motor Club used to great advantage An excellent days trailing was had by all.

1, John Fack Crossle R1 12
2, Ian Wright/ Sherpa R2 19
3, Stephen Barnes Sherpa B1 29
4, Ian Rodman Apex B2 32
5, Roland Uglow Crossle B3 36
6, Steve Courts Facksimile R3 36
7, Jon Moores Kincraft B4 39
8, George Watson CAP B5 43
9, Mike Readings Micap R4 44
10, Julian Fack X-Factor R5 48
11, John Ridley Sherpa B6 48
12, Alan Fullalove Facksimile B7 49
13, Ian Veale Sherpa R6 50
14, Paul Faulkner Sherpa B8 51
15, Antony Lane Concord G1 53
16, Peter Fensom CAP R7 53
17, Andrew Wilkes Concord B9 54
18, Richard Robarts RB6 B10 64
19, Dave Oliver Facksimile B11 65
20, Mike Wevill Facksimile G2 90
21, Nick Speed Sherpa G3 123
22, Bill Sherras Concord G4 125
23, Chris Legg Sherpa Non-C 161
Gordon Jackson Ibex GREEN Rtd
David Zank Concord GREEN Rtd