Robin Alexander Trial – 16th September
BTRDA and MSA by Richard Robarts

This was my third trip to Cornwall for a weekend of trailing, the first event being the Robin Alexander trial at Roland Uglow`s super site at Trecame Farm, Delabole. As usual we had the sun, sea views and this year, dust! `Never had it so dry` we were told, hence the 5lb tyre pressures to start the 10 climbs Thomas Bricknall and his team had set out amongst the ever challenging undergrowth. Round one saw Jon Moores on 1, with Roger Bricknell and Roland Uglow, who by the way was sporting a new Crosslé, on 6. Hot on their heels
was Peter Fensom with 7. The sticks were tinkered with for round two and still in the lead, Jon Moores 22, and Roger Bricknell 25 were now pressured by Steve Courts 27, with John Fack and Duncan Stephens chasing
with 28 and 30 respectively. After lunch tyre pressures were increased to 7lbs which did nothing to improve things for yours truly and a few others trying to conquer the art of trickling, but seemed to have little effect on the front runners – how do they do it! Round three, and Roger Bricknell went ahead to win overall on 34, with Jon Moores second 35, Steve Courts third 37 and John Fack fourth on 39. A close run finish.
In spite of the higher pressures and dry conditions, the greenery still did the trick, especially on hills 1, 2 and 3 where only seven clears were achieved all day. Hills 9 and 10 on the western end of the slopes and in constant sunshine, dried out more quickly to produce a dryer line and were therefore considerably kinder. All thirty six starters completed the trial, the only traumas being a puncture for myself and unfortunately two for Mike Readings. If I have missed out on anything else of note, I apologise. I can only blame a complete drain on my brain power studying the foibles of a new and untested independent rear suspension!

1, Roger Bricknell Facksimile R1 34
2, Jon Moores Kincraft B1 35
3, Steve Courts Facksimile R2 37
4, John Fack Crosslé R3 39
5, Roland Uglow Crosslé B2 41
6, Duncan Stephens Crosslé R4 42
7, Ian Wright Kincraft R5 49
8, Jerome Fack X-Facktor B3 56
9, Ian Rodman Apex B4 56
10, Peter Fensom CAP R6 56
11, Robin Jager Kincraft B5 58
12, David Bastable Crosslé B6 65
13, Michael Lawn Crosslé B7 66
14, Alastair Moffatt Facksimile G1 67
15, Simon Kingsley Kincraft R7 71
16, Mike Readings CAP R8 71
17, John Ridley Sherpa B8 72
18, Roger Anderson CAP R9 73
19, Alan Fullalove Facksimile B9 74
20, Stephen Barnes Sherpa B10 75
21, Dave Oliver Facksimile B11 79
22, Andy Wilks Concord B12 81
23, Tim Edwards Kincraft G2 83
24, Peter Meakin Sherpa G3 85
25, Jason Daniel Concord G4 85
26, Richard Robarts RB6 B13 89
27, George Watson CAP B14 92
28, Roger Hoskin Avon G5 101
29, Ben Uglow Kernow 2 G6 106
30, Mike Wevill Facksimile G7 110
31, Ian Evitt Crosslé G8 110
32, Steve Ball G9 124
33, Michael Baker Sherpa G10 132
34, Andrew Martin BEX Special G11 145
35, Chris Legg Sherpa G12 157
36, Harvey Waters Hybrid G13 208