November Sporting - 8 October by Duncan Stephens arrived at Ascot to lay out their trial on Friday afternoon to be met with a site in perfect condition but which they couldn’t reach due to the paddock entrance been saturated. Time to panic but Ian Wright came into his own and arranged use of Long Compton. They then had to rearrange everything letting everyone know. Sunday must have been a pleasure for the club after the challenge of Friday, apart from no toilets. Ian disappeared and arrived back with them half an hour later on the trailer. Now did the toilet company have a panic on Monday!? We have come to expect exemplary organisation from this club and were not to be disappointed. Ian Veale was keeping his Sherpa out of prying eyes having converted it to independent suspension over the summer, while Josh was doubting it was going to last the event. Unfortunately son was to prove correct but Ian did repair it only for another weakness to be found during the afternoon.
We were all briefed that we would start on 3psi, going up to 5psi after the first round, with the hills been laid out in the steeper bowl, all as challenging as we have come to expect from Ian’s sections. Hills one and two were on the lower reaches with only Duncan and following Fred getting zero. John Yates was having great fun in the ditch of hill two, which saw Julian running off to the paddock for spares, although we didn’t see him running back uphill! Hill three had Monty and Jacqui’s eagle eyes overseeing with a very wide challenging start ready to catch those who chose the wrong line by inches. Pat Henson was on hill four with lots of sweeping
bends on the increasing cambers ready to stop anyone anywhere. Hill five was marshalled by Barry Wright with a long straight start with bumps in the middle catching those with the wrong pace and then a loop for the finish that was only climbed by Crossle’s all day. Hill six proved to be a critical hill with it being nine, ten or zero with a big drop off a ledge at ten. This proved to a slightly dangerous hill but was swiftly changed for the second round. Hill seven was on the steepest part of the site with Cathy Wright marshalling with two banks to climb before the third bank that caught all but Ian and Duncan. Family Gibbs’ was ably marshalling hill eight with a first bank that caught many that weren’t fast enough then a little camber that caught Brian Wall and Reg out for a gentle roll. Unfortunately Brian decided to take on the Kincraft with his head and lost, but we were told at the results that he was fine. He then goes and sells the car during the following week so he now has nothing to drive. Phil D was marshalling hill nine down in the trees. It looked climbable but eluded all on the first round. A big thank you to all those marshals that were there that I have not mentioned. It was decided to stay on 3psi for the second round as the hills were proving very challenging. John Fack was first on and the only person to get up hill one taking four marks off everyone and more importantly his biggest threat Ian to take the lead at
lunch by three. This round saw everyone’s scores drop with the morning dew evaporating and the lush grass been run flat. Lunch saw John on 13 leading Ian on 16 with Duncan next on 33 just ahead of Steve Courts, Julian, Peter Fensom and Roger Bricknell all covered by four marks. Lunch saw Julian working hard on John’s car trying to fix the misfire that had plagued him all morning making his car unpredictable. If only we could all
drive like this when fighting the car! John Yates had been very busy at lunch making his ditch treacherous and only five teams making it passed the six. Monty had put on a tricky turn at the ten over some bumps that caught a few. Hill nine had been substantially altered with a horrendous off camber bend over bumps at the ten that caught five including a flustered John Fack who had pulled a tyre off the rim on the previous hill. How this didn’t catch more as it was so slippery remains a mystery. All other hills were subtly altered. Ian Wright wound up a dominant winner from John Fack after both he and Duncan had a poor third round. Julian was third beating Roger on a tie break, and Steve fifth. Roland won the blue class with Alastair Moffatt looking for tips in the passenger seat prior to building his recently purchased Facksimile. Nick Speed put in a fantastic drive in his Sherpa, or is it Mike Baker’s, taking the green class ahead of many seasoned drivers. It had proved to be another excellent trial by the dot com team with Ian taking another win, this time borrowing John Ridley’s Sherpa. Will we find the toilets in situ still in January?

1, Ian Wright R1 Sherpa 27
2, John Fack R2 Crossle 41
3, Julian Fack R3 X-factor 51
4, Roger Bricknell R4 Facksimile 51
5, Steve Courts R5 Facksimile 53
6, Duncan Stephens R6 Crossle 53
7, Roland Uglow B1 Crossle 61
8, Peter Fensom R7 CAP 63
9, John Moores B2 Kincraft 64
10, Mike Readings R8 CAP 77
11, Dave Oliver B3 Facksimile 79
12, George Watson B4 CAP 87
13, Paul Faulkner B5 Sherpa 92
14, Ian Bell R9 Facksimile 96
15, Steve Barnes B6 Sherpa 96
16, Ian Rodman B7 Apex 98
17, Neville Collet B8 CAP 106
18, Ron Bland R10 Apex 111
19, Nick Speed G1 Sherpa 117
20, Tom Stevenson R11 Kincraft 127
21, Peter Meakin G2 Sherpa 128
22, Richard Robarts B9 RB6 140
23, Ed Wells G3 Concord 145
24, Antony Lane G4 Concord 153
25, Roger Anderson R12 CAP 162
26, Lynne Jones B10 Aranha 167
27, Bill Sherras G5 Concord 170
28, Chris Turley G6 Facksimile 174
29, Bill Hicks G7 Sherpa 178
Brian Wall Blue Kincraft Rtd
John Ward Blue Kincraft Rtd
Kim Warwick Red CAP Rtd
Ian Veale Red Sherpa Rtd