The Jacbean Trial 2006 by Mike Readings

The end of April was upon us and time for the Jacobean Trial. The last blast and trickle until September, usually warm and dry and this year no exception. The rain overnight brought the site to near perfection. The more observant of you will have noticed that the farmer has grubbed up a lot of the gorse and removed the odd tree or three, thus giving us yet more scope on this popular site. (venue for the next Championship final). Clerk of the course of course Brian Stapleton chose to layout all ten hills in the one amphitheatre, which with the likelihood of marshal shortage, worked well and removed the usual marathon hike between hills 10 and 1.

There was a large crowd for the contest assembled in the paddock.33 entries not the most but pretty good considering the clash with the Two Day trial in Cumbria, the late Easter causing havoc to the calendar and a Bank Holiday as well!!

A short welcome by Glen and then off to the hills we went and what a surprise awaited. The grass in places was like ice, no grip and no amount of blast would do any good. Scores mounted and faces fell, some cars climbed and some didn't. Mike Wevills car lost the will to live for unknown (to me) reason very early on. A long drive and nil point for him. Top of the list after round 1 - John Fack on 21, Ian Wright on 23 with Duncan Stephens on 29, Ian Bell 30 and George Watson doing extremely well on 32.

C of C ordered subtle moving of the sticks and with grip beginning to appear scores were bound to plummet and they mostly did, being about half first round scores. No more retirements though a few bonnets were raised and Alan Fullalove's car had a push start for every hill. Ian Wright had a car with an anti-stall device fitted, the starter being rather over-zealous in operation, making nasty noises as it attempted to start an already running engine. Lunchtime and who would be in the lead now? John Fack with a stunning 5 points dropped opening a healthy lead of 8 on 26 to Ian Wright 34 and Duncan Stephens on 43 with the pack bunching up behind.

Bacon butties and coffee inside and a nice drying day outside, round three commenced. Scores were again set to fall. This site recovers grip so quickly after even the heaviest of downpours. The afternoon saw off Ian Bell and Steve Kelsey. Despite desperate pole bashing, lots of cleans were achieved by lots of drivers but top man for the day in 3 for the round and just 29 for the day was John Fack. In second was Ian Wright on 45 and Duncan came third on 48. Best Blue was Jon Moores on 55 and Best Green Andy Abraham with 72.

An excellent finish to the first half of the season, the Jacobean maintaining its reputation as one of the best (but I am slightly biased).