The Gloucester Trial 2004 by Ian Wright

Well, well, well, the 100th Gloucester, and so soon after the 75th. I am sure I went to the 75th party less than 10 years ago, I will ask Tony Harrison!

So 38 entries, 36 turned up, 33 finishers. Gordon ‘Valve Bounce' Jackson who's name first appears on the trophy in 1971 , about 50 Gloucester's ago in LCC speak was one of the first to retire with a dropped valve, of all things. Brian ‘Bonfire' Wall let Reg have the matches which resulted in an engine bay fire and Paul ‘Trigger' Price had, rumour has it, had a little misfire.

So the hills. All in the usual places, only, to make it a bit tricky, somebody let John Yates number them up.

Section 1. Last on the right on the top bank, but nowhere near no. 2, and nowhere near where a sane person would have put it. Still, cleared by no-one, but Jules did get a 1 in the third round..

Section 2. After 1 and before 3, unless you went anti-clockwise – then it was different. Cleared by Ron Bland and Jerome Fack on the 3rd round.

Section 3. Cleared by most, once the 100 year old ruts had been cleared out.

Section 4. Much the same as section 3.

Section 5. The only thing this section lacked was an opportunity for a high speed reverse manoeuvre and a bloody map. Marshalled by..guess who.

Section 6. Good section marshalled by two rug rats, Sandy and Tristan Veale, and good value if only to listen to how they would drive it if they had a car. Oh… and, sorry, could actually drive!

Section 7. Best section of the day. Fantastic long cross camber start with a great finish on round 3. Marshalled by Mr and Mrs Stephens and only cleared by Duncan Stephens (No. 1 Son). This hill became a bit of a Sherpa epicentre with Duncan clear, Michael Meakin rolled and brother Peter, who contemplated suicide after two elevens, or was it 3 Peter?

Section 8. Marshalled by Mr Colin Ellis Senior of renowned charm and wit (according to him). Only cleared by Ian Wright (the bloke with more red and silver cars than is good for him) and in a Sherpa for a change.

Section 9. Not much to say but cleared by a few in the third round.

Section 10. Just before section 1, remember where that was? Marshalled by two lovely young girls, Margaret and Frances. Improved, as were many of the hills, when made easier after round one or two.

So to mention a few:

Great drive by Richard ‘Father Christmas' Gowen, 1st in blue. Brilliant drive by another Richard (Flanagan) for 1st in green. Moderate drive for Ian Wright & Kim Warwick. A great win to Julian & Meg, who took loads of the silver…. and dropped a lot of it when they realised that you had to have entered most of the Gloucester Trials, have a combined age of over 100 and wear a silly hat. Oh, and most of all, must be good enough to take your 10th MSA win.