David Ayers - 19 September BTRDA and MSA by Jerome Fack

For the second day of the Cornish weekend, the trial was, as ever, a different proposition to Roland's bracken. The Launceston and North Cornwall Motor Club elected to use the same site as the previous year- and since the summer had been noatble by its absence we were hoping that the ground had absorbed a little bit of the moisture that had spoiled August!

Unfortunately this did not seem to be the case- in retrospect it probably would have been a good idea to go with 5 psi from the start. There was plenty of lush grass about but it just did not seem to cause a grip problem with the result that over half the field scored under 10 points in the first round, John Fack leading the way with a clear round followed by Calvin and Bill Rhodes with just one point lost and no less than four others on two.

A couple of spare sections had been laid out and were duly brought in to play - section 6, which was actually one of the few sections that had caused problems in the first round was completely remodelled leaving yours truly to clear a new track which I patently failed to do for the loss of an 8! Still there was no real excuse as John was following me as we were sharing the hard working Jessica as a passenger and he got a one! Section 3 had also been modified and was to prove more crucial - there was a tricky loop in the middle part of the section which stopped the majority of the field including John but Calvin scored an impressive clear along with Duncan Stephens and Geoff pickup. Pete Fensom also kept it going here with a 2, while Davids Bastable and Butterworth, Roger Bricknell , Ian Veale and your reporter got a one. At lunch Calvin had lost just 3, Geoff Pickup was looking pretty good on 6, the same as Pete Fensom, while David Bastable (9) led John (10) Kim Warwick and Simon Kingsley both on 12.

While the field trooped back for lunch, the Clerk obviously decided that these scores were unacceptably low and set about changing th hills. Unfortunately the result of these changes took us back to the bad old days when the sections were so tight that luck as much as judgement became the norm - it really is not a good idea to expect one marshal to be able to check all four corners of the car. Take section one for instance - when we got there the seven marker was leaning in a way which effectively made it unclimbable. Only 5 cars from the whole entry made it past this marker and since most of the others were taking it out of the ground there is is no knowing it always went back in the same place. Section 3 had dried a little but was still catching a few. Section 4 was another one that had been tightened almost beyond belief but Calvin and Roger still managed a clear.

Generally the last round was a question of not making mistakes with the markers and these two managed it better than the rest. Calvin finished on a very commendable 13 followed by Roger on 16. Pete Fensom (19) kept it steady for third place, just ahead of Ian Veale and BIll Rhodes(20), which was good enough to win Bill the blue class. Simon Kingsley took second in the blue while Geoff Pickup made it an all northern affair with third - it was good to see the northern contingent making the long trip south so hopefully the good results will make them come back next year. Ed Wells (57) took the green class ahead of Nigel Bigwood and George Watson.

The Launceston Club tried very hard with this trial - but really this site needs to be scrutinised very carefully to see if we cannot find some sections that are more in tune with the modern trialling.