David Ayers Trial 2006 by Mike Readings

Janet D is a very lovely lady but if she approaches you at the start of a trial, she is not just enquiring about your health, so run like hell. She wants you to do a write-up! You have been warned! What made this different is that she wanted it done for the next trial not the one we were actually at. So where were we? Sunny Cornwall of course. At my favourite site, Roland Uglow’s fabulous farm. Alas it is not for me to write about Saturday, but I get to describe Sunday’s event, the David Ayers Trial at a brand new site just up the road in the steep-sided
valleys above the village of Boscastle. The rumour mill was working overtime. It was all steep fields worse than the previous site at Trenault. Some people were threatening to go home early. So what would it be like, only Sunday would tell.

A late finish meant a dash to our B and B in Camelford, where Mr (Demolition Derby) Fullalove failed to apply the handbrake and wrecked a road tyre and hotel drainpipe in one easy move. Oh dear! Still, an excellent meal at the local pub ended a good day. Sunday started not quite so nice as Saturday but we arrived at an excellent paddock, signing on and scrutineering followed by the briefing, which included the information that the farmer had laid on lunch (more later). So you all want to know what the site is like and all I can say is “excellent”. A wonderful mix of woodland, field, scrub and grass. What’s more, the club tell me they have barely investigated the site, with other areas just crying out to be used. We were led down through the farmyard, full of broken rusty tractors and other paraphernalia, to the trials site – an anti-clockwise course from woodland
quarry through very rutted field and steep field margin hills to scrubby hacked out through the bramble and gorse sections in the next fields. All along below us lay the innocuous stream that had turned into the raging torrent that destroyed Boscastle just a year or two ago. At first there were cars in all directions as we struggled to understand the layout of the hills (in several fields all looking the same). Some direction arrows with Numbers on might help next time. I’m sure you didn’t get back to the paddock via Camelford but it seemed like it! Lunch at a reasonable time was taken by most in one of the fields where the farmer’s wife and
friends laid on hot pastie, cakes and a drink for £2. With proceeds going to the village hall (or something like that). It was seriously good value. Thanks very much. A third round in the afternoon saw an earlier finish
than Saturday. Results announced promptly saw us passing Exeter on the way home, just after 5 o clock. The overhead sign telling us the M5 was shut at Bristol was a trifle worrying but it wasn’t by the time we got there. Home by 8pm after an excellent weekend of trials. Thanks to the clubs, now both with sites to be proud of.

1, Ian Wright Kincraft R1 2
2, Roland Uglow Crosslé B1 5
3, John Fack Crosslé R2 5
4, Roger Bricknell Facksimile R3 7
5, Robin Jager Kincraft B2 10
6, Duncan Stephens Crosslé R4 11
7, Steve Courts Facksimile R5 12
8, Jerome Fack X-Facktor B3 12
9, Jon Moores Kincraft B4 14
10, Simon Kingsley Kincraft R6 14
11, Ian Rodman Apex B5 16
12, Stephen Barnes Sherpa B6 19
13, Roger Anderson CAP 3 R7 23
14 George Watson CAP B7 24
15 Mike Lawn Crosslé B8 25
16 Ben Uglow Kernow 2 Club 27
17 Mike Readings CAP R8 28
18 Dave Oliver Facksimile B9 28
19 Peter Meakin Sherpa G1 30
20 Jason Daniel Concord Club 31
21 Richard Robarts RB6 B10 33
22 David Bastable Crosslé B11 33
23 John Ridley Sherpa B12 35
24 Ian Evitt Crosslé G2 35
25 Alan Fullalove Facksimile B13 36
26 Jeremy Edwards Sherpa G3 41
27 Andy Wilks Concord B14 42
28 Tim Edwards Kincraft G4 45
29 Alastair Moffatt Facksimile G5 50
30 Mike Wevill Facksimile G6 56
31 Roger Hoskin Avon Club 65
32 Nick Speed Sherpa G7 76
33 Chris Legg Sherpa Club 115
Peter Fensom CAP Red Rtd